Yeti-Cleanser Handmade Natural Soap with Organic Honey and Oats

Yeti-Cleanser Handmade Natural Soap with Organic Honey and Oats
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The Arctic Tundra is considered to be one of the most hostile places on the planet. Jagged rocks, limited oxygen concentrations, and sub-zero temperatures have allured many adventurers to their inevitable doom. However, even these frigid factors can't compare to the dangers associated with the mysterious, abominable "Yeti."

Is this Great White Wonder truly as ferocious as legend suggests? Is the Yeti the explanation for so many icy explorations gone awry? We still don't really know. What we DO know is that for over a century, ascension parties claim to have beheld its sudden and monumental silhouette clinging to nearby adjacent cliffsides. Those who have lived to tell the tale almost always report a particularly fowl stench associated with the encounter. But, as most myths would go, the Yeti always vanishes into the frigid winds as quickly as it appears... -Unfortunately, the 'Yeti-Stench' remains...

Yeti-Cleanser is not your standard soap. Its natural and organic properties are reflective of the caliber of research generated by those who seek the truth about the Yeti's zoological standing in modern science:

- The simple yet effective blend of Organic Honey and Oats is not only saturated with antioxidants that heal dry winter skin, but the soft, finely ground exfoliating fibers transport nutrients even further for great skin that lasts beyond the summit.

- After several formula overhauls, this particular selection of fats provides outstanding richness, lather, and smoothness, making it perfect for hands, face, and body.

- Cedarwood Essential Oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, imparts a deeply nutty aroma when combined with the above mentioned Organic Oats, ideal for deodorizing after every expedition. It gives the soap a strong aromatic resemblance to the inside of a well-cured cigar humidor or log cabin.

Don't let "Yeti-Stench" deter you from inevitable victory. This soap is unbeatable for hands, face, and beards. Finally, you can be a beast and still clean up like a man.

Yeti-Cleanser is packaged in GreenKraft Molded Clamshells made from recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable. No bleach. No dyes. No glue. Each bar of soap is labeled with 100% recyclable Wild Grass Paper, which is compostable, natural, and chlorine free. Packages are shipped in eco-friendly, recycled materials and each 4oz bar is PROUDLY made in the USA.

The quest for legendary, natural soap... is over.

Materials: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Organic Oats, Organic Honey, Cedarwood Essential Oil