Variety Pack Sampler of Three Full-Sized Soaps

Variety Pack Sampler of Three Full-Sized Soaps
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Variety Pack Sampler of Three Full-Sized Soaps
All three of our full-sized bar soaps for one low price. It's doesn't get much sweeter than this. With this sampler, you can embrace the comforting, aroma-therapeutic essence of the bold but gentle 'Squatch-Wash, protect yourself from the evils of the perilous desert with Soap-A-Cabra, and challenge the unknown with an epic dose of antioxidants with Yeti-Cleanser.

Once you use our soaps, we're confident that your skin will appreciate the difference that quality ingredients make. For a more detailed explanation of each of our soaps and their corresponding natural and organic formulas, please feel free to browse our shop listings further.

Be assured that this sampler is packed and shipped in eco-safe materials (GreenKraft Molded Clamshells made from recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable. No bleach. No dyes. No glue. Each bar of soap is labeled with 100% recyclable Wild Grass Paper, which is compostable, natural, and chlorine free.). Packages are shipped in eco-friendly, recycled materials and each bar is PROUDLY made in the USA.

Remember: It's not just "soap." It's INTREPIDSOAP. And it's Made with Audacity.