Soap-A-Cabra Cold-Process Natural Soap with White Sage and Lavender

Soap-A-Cabra Cold-Process Natural Soap with White Sage and Lavender
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Product Description

The desert can be an unforgiving place, inundated with more carnivorous creatures and prickly plants than you can shake a stick at.

Alas, the climate isn't the only thing trying to eat you alive. At the top of food-chain sits the dreaded Chupacabra, or "Goat-Sucker," a creepy cryptid that eagerly feasts on unsuspecting livestock in the out-lying regions of the Southwest. Sightings have only increased in recent years and now range as far north as the Mojave Desert.

At IntrepidSoap, we've placed your best interests first with a camouflaging cocktail of purifying botanicals that will keep the predators focused on smaller game no matter where you go:

- White Sage leads the pack as a medicinal AND spiritual cleanser. Still used today in traditional Native American rituals, White Sage is burnt to ward off negative energies and evil spirits. It just so happens that this same herb acts as a natural bug repellent that's also great for your skin.

- Multiply your chances of survival even further with Lime Essential Oil. This earthy-yet-sweet serum combats infection and reduces stress, allowing you to emerge from almost any worst-case scenario with distinction.

- Our selection of quality, nutritious fats provides legendary lather and smoothness with every use. The omission of animal products (such as lard or marrow) ensures that you remain 'carnivore-free' every time.

- Lastly, the Organic Agave Nectar and ground Lavender blend exfoliates and nourishes dry skin, ensuring that you won't feel like a walking jerky-treat after you've boldly crossed the arid wilderness.

This is a primitive, earthy soap. It is not for the faint of heart. With a vigorous helping of cleansing, revitalizing, and hydrating properties, feel free to fear nothing. This soap is unbeatable for hands, face, and beards. Finally, you can be a beast and still clean up like a man. Even the dreaded Goat-Sucker won't be able to handle you after a dose of Soap-A-Cabra.

This product is packaged in GreenKraft Molded Clamshells made from recycled cardboard that is 100% recyclable. No bleach. No dyes. No glue. Each bar of soap is labeled with 100% recyclable Wild Grass Paper, which is compostable, natural, and chlorine free. Packages are shipped in eco-friendly, recycled materials and each 4oz bar is PROUDLY made in the USA.

The quest for legendary, natural soap... is over.

Materials: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, White Sage, Lavender, Organic Agave Nectar, Lime Essential Oil